What’s For Breakfast

Lets finally get something straight; Breakfast is essential to each one of us everyday and is non-negotiable. With that said, if you are still eating fast food drive through, donuts and coffee, processed cereals and milk, or muffins, bagels or breads with spreads, then you are eating for flavor mostly, but not for the whole body. These are foods with a lower nutrient density and higher flavor coming from fats, sugars, and sodium. What your body really wants (it told me so!!!) is to start the day with a mix of calories from less processed foods: lean proteins- eggs, fermented yogurts, fresh fruit, seeds and nuts, and vegetables; foods the body needs to get going in the morning. If you are especially active, i.e. athletes involved in 10-15 hrs of exercise weekly, then adding oatmeal, potatoes, whole grain pancakes, are good additions. Examples of three different breakfasts that many of my patients begin to eat to help them feel better area:
1) Fast Energy- Protein shake – whey protein or rice/pea protein with Fruit and regular, almond, or coconut milk. Extras to add: flax powder, spinach.
2) Filling breakfast: 2 eggs anyway, veggies or fruits, oatmeal
3) Fast and fun: Greek yogurt, chopped fruit topped with granola

Start adjusting what you eat and you will see and feel a difference. If you are not sure how much to eat at breakfast, I would have to tell you. That means you would need to talk to me and answer some questions including how tall you are, what you weigh, how active you are, and especially a delicate subject, what is your age!